Bringing simplicity to peer to peer investing


Intelligent Lending Advisers aim to be the premier provider of unbiased information and execution for investors in marketplace and peer to peer loans. Using our proprietary model to value and assess risk, we look to give investors an edge in selection and allocation of loan opportunities.


About US

ILA is a registered investment adviser specialized in investing in marketplace loans.  ILA was founded in Boston in 2015 to create a better way of investing in marketplace and peer to peer loans. Peer-to-peer lending is fast becoming a new asset class for investors looking for diversification and yield enhancement. We offer investors a greater understanding of the asset class as a whole. As any new asset class evolves, there are uncertainties around how the asset class will perform in different economic cycles. We are focused on bringing unbiased research and views on what investors should be aware of, how we see returns changing and how growth in the underlying market will impact investment opportunities.

For investors who are looking to allocate investments to the peer-to-peer loan space, ILA has developed an execution platform to allow investors to obtain access to the same high speed execution that institutional platforms use. Additionally, ILA has developed a loan allocation model to allow you to purchase loans with confidence. For investors that prefer to have their interest and loan principal reinvested, ILA can do this in an automated way allowing you to maximize your loan allocations.

ILA believes that investors prefer to see at their portfolios in a holistic way, understanding not just what assets are held but also how these assets correlated. ILA has built out an interface that allows you to see all of the key data points in your loan portfolio and fully understand relevant information in a simple and concise way.

ILA works with accredited investors who are looking to get access to this investment class.  If you are interested in learning more about what we do, click here to get in touch.