Bringing simplicity to marketplace investing

Marketplace lending has evolved in recent years, changing the ways which many borrowers access capital. At the same time, investors are now able to access enhanced yields by lending directly to the client. With the enhanced yields also come additional risks and complexity. Intelligent Lending Advisers looks to support investors with more research, automated loan selection and simplified reporting. Our focus is to offer unbiased advice to investors for marketplace loans, helping you navigate the uncertainty while still obtaining uncorrelated returns in this emerging asset class. 

  • Marketplace lending research:  Intelligent Lending Advisers creates timely research on key trend in marketplace lending for investors in marketplace loans.  We look to advise clients on what lending yields are doing, how default rates are changing and how this can affect their portfolios.  We look at the marketplace lending trends across key platforms, ensuring that clients understand not just how the market is changing but also how platforms are evolving.  
  • Execution:  Choosing marketplace and peer to peer loans for investments is a new area for most investors.  Intelligent Lending Advisers does in depth research on loan analytics to build client portfolios that outperform.  In addition, we run automated loan purchasing models which gives us equal footing as institutional investors, ensuring you get access to the loans that we believe will perform the best.
  • Analytics:  Understanding the risks and cash flows of marketplace lending portfolios has additional complexity.  Intelligent Lending Advisers looks to provide in-depth portfolio analysis as well as simple metrics to understand overall yields and default rates.  In addition, clients can see analytics on their portfolio against the overall marketplace lending market, offering greater insight and understanding of their portfolio.